Political Thoughts, Quotes and Comment

For any student of government and its origins, the following books are a must to read:

1. Plato's Republic.

2. Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics and Politics.

3. J.J. Rousseau: Origin of Inequality and Political Economy.

4. John Locke: Essay Concerning Civil Government and Essay on Human Understanding. 

5. Adam Smith: Wealth of Nations.

6. John Hobbs: Leviathan.

7. Nicolo Machiavelli: The Prince.

8. James Madison and the founding Fathers : The Federalist Papers, Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

9. Ayn Rand: Atlas Shrugged.

10. Alexis DeToqueville: Democracy in America. 
11. The Holy Bible

Much of this material is somewhat dry and difficult to read. This web site is dedicated to the continuing political and philosophical education of lifetime students. It is my intention to select many of the important thoughts set forth in these 11 books and present them in the political quotes portion of the site. An attempt will be made to provide this information in a condensed format so that interested individuals will have some exposure to this important subject matter. Once this information is digested, each student of political philosophy can synthesize the material in his/her own way and, develop a unique and personal philosophy of politics.  It is this critical thinking and, arrangement of these ideas in one's own way, that will make each individual a more knowledgeable and thoughtful citizen.   These individuals will no longer be at the mercy of the information, propaganda, and biases aired by our media of today.

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